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In the event that you are a bicyclist and or have a bicycle business we welcome you for one dependable open door supply in the USA. One powerful European bicycle company, fitness equipment and bicyclist wear supplier in NY.

The Orbita bicycles business started on February, 2nd 1971. The brand's entire association with the bicycles industry began previously, many years before. The first factory started on 1956 with one manufacturing plant that still exists today (The Main Factory), likewise new processing plants were added to the group and still is acquiring as of late. Today the group still produces for the bicycle, motorcycle and other vehicle's Industries and commercial ventures.

The group not very far in the past was as producing more than 85% of the parts that are incorporated in a bicycle. Today with the solid Asian bicycle industry the group has not collapsed down and is stronger than any time in recent years. The group as of late obtained new industrial facilities and new hardware inside the it's manufacturing plants (it has new bicycle seats production and new bicycle wheels production, with the new processing plants addition and it's previous factories tools update it has also acquired new aluminum machines, new aluminum overhauled apparatus for the upcoming aluminum bicycles generation, Etc.) despite everything it is still producing for different vehicles and it's parts just like previously. We can include Yamaha, JCDecaux (Cyclocity) within others.

Today in 2015 the group is still producing more than 66% of the parts that are incorporated in a bike. The group is still a very solid industry that produces for many nations in the European Community, furthermore it can also be found in other different continents.

Most bicycle share projects in Europe have the or a larger part of their bicycles and bike parts fabricated by this stunning group. One of the Pioneers, included are projects that started in early bike share programs (years 2000's). This group has the capacity to alter regardless of the fact that you need to begin your own bicycles brand, Etc.

Orbita bikes brand is affirmed by 9001 certificate and focuses on two of test and quality control centers. In 2015 the dedication of the brand is found in 19 worldwide markets that permits it to fare more than 70% of its creation. Orbita Bikes have a confirmed administration framework (Updated Certified Management System) that is consistently honored with the PME Lider "Honor Prize" (Medium Sized Business Leader).

Órbita or Orbita in different nations is a 44 year old Portuguese, European design (configuration), production (creation) and assembly (get parts and components together) that has actualized and keeps up to date a quality administration program(s).

Órbita bikes are an exclusive APLASH INC. U.S. Import and Supply!

We are located in Long Island, New York serving the US and globe. We do have an exclusive Orbita bicycle's presence throughout the US, our Orbita bicycle's distribution started in late 2012, so if you are a bicycle or a fitness business or enthusiast we have good news for you. Call us and get to know us find about our 100% exclusive made in Europe product line since 1956... Our main headquarters are located in Coram, NY.


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 Órbita bikes are a 44 year old Portuguese, European design, production and assembly that has implemented and maintains a quality management system. Órbita bicycles are an exclusive Aplash Inc. U.S. Supply

Órbita's Management Words:

"... the greatest reward for our work is not what we get payed for it, but the motivation and pride that it gives us ..."

The foundation of Órbita date of February 2, 1971.
The objectives of the constitution were related to the need to unite several manufacturers of parts and centralize the assembly in a separate unit to respond to the request of the global market.
Joined the project Miralago, Macal and Sociedade Comercial do Vouga.
The expertise and flexibility within the group have greater economies of scale and also greater competitiveness.
Currently, Miralago owns 95% of the Órbita's capital and is an important pole of development of new models, where the area of design and testing has an important role in the final quality of Órbita's bicycles.
Órbita and Miralago factories lie 2 km apart. Both are certified according to ISO 9001 and have two centers of test and quality control. The loyalty of the brand in 19 global markets allows it to export over 70% of its production.

As seen on the Wikipedia website or on the main Órbita bicycles website (www.orbita-bicicletas.pt).

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Órbita Bicicletas Portuguesas, Lda.

A Certified Management System that is continuously awarded with the PME Lider "Honor Prize"

(Portuguese Medium Sized Business Leader)

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