Portuguese Corporate Custom Made bicycles

Aplash Inc. Services are also available for companies / public entities / state and federal identities by offering various mobility solutions at factory prices always with the same warranty.

As important as the bicycle acquisition it is its future maintenance.

Aplash Inc. Has got special conditions for state and federal organizations for any public services or sharing services located any where in cities, towns, you name it. We already carry sucessful special custom made Police, Fire, Post-Office bicycles so if you are searching for a reliable custom bicycle or fitness services contact us!  Orbita Bicycles are one of the best solutions if not the very best. Keep reading for valuable information, you will be surprised!

Available on the streets of Europe since 2007 under the name of Velib' in Paris public bike sharing is Orbita custom made bikes, Velib' was one of the pioneers from the public bikes sharing programs all over the world. At the time known as Orbita bicycles and their undeniable anti-theft system that makes them almost indestructible. As fact today 2015, more than 38000 bicycles were delivered to the famous french bike sharing programs… Orbita bicycles were just not one of the pioneers of the public Bike sharing programs but in reality it was the very first pioneer of the P'tit Vélib', the very new for children public bike sharing service in Paris that started June 2014, so like everybody can see Orbita is reliable and a wanted product since 1971.

…We have and will have available packages for everyone being it for Hotels, Campus, Parks or any other sort of public communities and businesses!

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