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- We are the exclusive USA Distribution of an European, Portuguese bikes' design, production and assembly that has implemented and maintains a certified quality management system since February 2nd 1971. U.S. Available since 2012.

Orbita Bikes in the U.S.A. .:. Órbita Cycles & Cyclist supply

.:. Incorporated in USA - APLASH INC. - Órbita's Bicycles in the U.S.A. Bikes Import & Cyclist supply .:. .:. Brand: Orbita Bicycles or Órbita Bicicletas Portuguesas, Lda .:. Also European ' Top Cycling Wear .:.

What do we have to offer?
We Aplash Incorporated business offer you one USA exclusive Portuguese-made fitness, mountain (MTB), tandem, road (Race), electric, city (Hybrid), bmx, folding (Portable), tricycles, kids (Junior), sharing (Commuter), competition and hydro (Water) bicycles, ranging from entry level to custom high-end racing bikes with various component packages. Inquire today for your special portuguese custom made cycles and or fitness equipment (Professional or Vocational). We also have special customized bikes and or fitness equipent to support Paramedics, Firefighters, Police, Military Forces and other government services.
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We wish to inspire and encourage our readers and customers to make true some of the dreams that are always saved for that one day, but never come true. Whether it being one of a kind of travel and adventure that no individual with common sense and only experienced people with a lot of physical preparation or many resources would be able to perform, well we hope to show all of you the reach within anyone who has the will and initiative.

What would be your response if a friend, adventure lover, invited you to spend a week in one of the best world spots traveling, not really for shopping or hot chocolate, but for a bike ride for 5-7 days in the surroundings of beautiful nature and or tourists hot spots?

Just guessing that many will answer "No way!", I'm not biker, neither have the proper physical conditioning to realize such activity. Well, you will be stumbled: Many people who are on their fifties who do not practice sports regularly, being chain smokers since a very young age and do not pedal for 30 years or so, nor run regularly and usually have excess weight and lack of fitness, noweven better they can, now finally everyone can be the bravest of them all, even if you are on your sixties, niggling, sedentary and aspiring to be fit and with a minimum of preparation or previous biking experience.

Regards of it by knowing that other traveling people or companions have done it most of you are thinking: Wow! If they can do it, so can I....

If you want, we can show you that any class of bike riders with courage can do it! Yes, without any real problems and by having their best time ever, their life's dream come true, and that can really happen by traveling, biking and having lots and lots of amazing fun while bicycle riding for a week or so.

We know that some of you must be wondering if would have a support team with a vehicle to take you just in case if you cannot make it... Of course you will have it, and that is in case something happens, all this is afterall a travel adventure of your life's dream and that is only possible by one hired bike travel managed team package that is offered by a great bike professionals.

So if today or any time soon you like to make your dreams come true and maybe honor a true one of a kind life's dream, your best adventure(s) story time, let us know, contact us today, send us one email telling us when and where (place, city, country you have most interest) your dream is taking place and we can and will work it out! We will provide you all the necessary steps to make it happen... Most of the times you can ride whatever bike you want, one Orbita bike, or any others that are available. You will certainly be mind blown and not disappointed from all the options.

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Looking to Wholesale, Dropship, affiliate or become an Orbita in the USA franchisee?
If you want to know more about Orbita bikes supply and marketting programs or to like partner with Órbita's Bicycles' Aplash Inc. Supply / Distribution in the USA, Please contact us here!

Contact us if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or any other territories close by continental USA.
We can and will help you achieve a Portuguese Orbita Bicycle(s) ...

Hablamos Español, Falamos Português
Tel: +1 631 455 9432

Miralago Manufacturer since 1956 holds Órbita Bicicletas Portuguesas 95% Capital Share. Production since 1971. Today in U.S.A. Exclusive Imported by Aplash Inc. Orbita Bicycles & Cyclist Supply - Entertainment & Sport Goods.

Aplash and Orbita/Miralago group does not condone the use of slavery, forced labor, human trafficking, or any other human rights abuses. We are human concerned and that is why we make the difference!

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